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Sports: NOTL skaters perform well in competitions
NOTL Skating Club members Alexx Hill, Ophelia Xie, Samantha Frydryk, Katharine VanderKaay, Jamie Doucet, Abigail McCabe and Hailey Mitchell skated in the Provincial Series competition in Bowmanville and elsewhere across Ontario. SUPPLIED
Liza Butko, Coco Allinotte, Carlee Bering and Kayla Thwaites performed well in the Mississauga Snowflake competition. SUPPLIED
Carlee Bering received a silver assessment in STAR 3 at the Muskoka Winter Whirl and was seventh in STAR 4 at the Norwich and Mississauga competitions. SUPPLIED

Members of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Skating Club have been busy winning medals and ribbons in competitions across the province.

Two club members, Hailey Mitchell in STAR 5 U10 and Samantha Frydryk in STAR 6, are in contention for the provincial championships to be held in Brampton March 22-24.

Skating in the Provincial Series of competitions they are vying for spots in the Skate Ontario rankings and the chance to compete in Brampton.

At the Muskoka Winter Whirl Jan. 5-7, Carlee Bering received a silver assessment in STAR 3.

In the Provincial Series in Bowmanville Jan. 12-14: Alexx Hill was fourth in STAR 8 and ninth in STAR 9; Ophelia Xie came first in STAR 7 O12 and fifth in STAR 8; Samantha Frydryk was third in STAR 6; Darah Adeyiwola was 16th in STAR 5 U13; Katharine VanderKaay 12th in STAR 6; Jamie Doucet 10th in STAR 5 O13; Abigail McCabe fifth in STAR 5 U13; Hailey Mitchell was first in STAR 5 U10.

At Provincial Series competitions Jan. 26-28, Carlee Bering placed seventh in STAR 4 in Norwich, while in Lasalle, Abigail McCabe was fourth in STAR 5 U13 and Hailey Mitchell was first in STAR 5 U10.

The Mississauga Snowflake competition Feb. 2-4 ended with Liza Butko receiving a gold assessment in STAR 3; Coco Allinotte was fourth in STAR 4; Carlee Bering seventh in STAR 4 and Kayla Thwaites received a silver assessment in STAR 3.

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