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NOTL squash players compete in Reggae Cup
Eighteen year old NOTLer Zoe Abraham was on her a-game during this weekend's Harrow Reggae Cup, finishing fifth of her division. JULIA SACCO

White Oaks Resort & Spa was bustling all weekend long as over 200 people came out for the annual Harrow Reggae Cup squash tournament. 

Players from all over took part in the game, with a handful of NOTLers making their marks.

Eighteen-year-old Zoe Abraham has been playing squash for the past six years after a knee injury stopped her from figure skating. She said she stuck around for the amazing community.

“Even though it’s an individual sport, everyone is really close with each other,” the Niagara-on-the-Lake resident said.

“If you’re alone you always have someone to play with,” she said, noting one of the best ways she stays hyped up for games is by chatting with her teammates.

This was Abraham’s fourth time participating in the tournament and she played well throughout, finishing fifth in the Women’s A Singles division. 

“I love the vibes (of this tournament),” she said.

 “They’ve got the music on, it’s fun.”

Other NOTLers, Jim Friesen and Zoe’s brother Adam Abraham, made it into consolation rounds for the Men’s C and D divisions, respectively.

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