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PHOTOS: Virgil fans celebrate Leafs 2-1 win, gear up for Friday night’s big game
Sue Rumsey, left, and Hailey Rumsey celebrate with their chocolate lab Bauer. The Toronto Maple Leafs fans are celebrating the teams 2-1 victory on Wednesday night against the Florida Panthers. Somer Slobodian
Sue Rumsey, left, and Hailey Rumsey celebrate the Toronto Maple Leafs 2-1 victory over the Florida Panthers on Wednesday night. The teams win forces a game five. Somer Slobodian
Sue Rumsey, left, and her daughter Hailey Rumsey changed their "Honk — Go Leafs Go!" sign to say "Honk — Game 5 Go Leafs!" Somer Slobodian

Toronto Maple Leafs fans Hailey and Sue Rumsey can breathe a bit easier … for now.

The threat of being swept by the Florida Panthers in the second round of the NHL playoffs hung over Leafs fans like a storm cloud Wednesday night.

Fans knew it could go one of two ways — lose and be swept by the Panthers after finally making it to the second round after 20 years, or win and force a game 5.

Three periods and two intermissions later, the Leafs kept their Stanley Cup dream alive by winning 2-1.

To celebrate, on Thursday morning the Rumseys and their dog Bauer celebrated in front of the “Go Leafs” sign outside their home on Niagara Stone Road in Virgil.

They originally had a sign that read “Honk – Go Leafs Go!”

However, after the big win they changed it to “Honk — Game 5 Go Leafs!” Passing cars gladly obliged.

Every match is an elimination game for the Leafs now and the Rumseys are hoping they’ll have more to cheer about. Game time is 7 p.m.





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