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Friday, September 29, 2023
PHOTO GALLERY: Old Town under water after weekend deluge
No, Simcoe Park didn't get a new pond. Flooding after Saturday's downpour left a large puddle in the area of the park bordering King Street. Julia Sacco
Flooding at Simcoe Park rendered a number of picnic tables inaccessible – at least for those without a pair of hip waders. Julia Sacco
Large puddles the size of small ponds were all over the grounds of the Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club Saturday afternoon. Julia Sacco
Ricardo Street faced some of the worst flooding in town. Vehicles made a splash making their way down the road. Dave Van De Laar
Driving proved difficult after Saturday's downpour. Ricardo Street found vehicles nearly underwater. Dave Van De Laar
Several Inches of water filled Ricardo Street on Saturday but quickly drained away, fortunately. (Dina Kalns)
A river runs through it: Normally the only water to be found on the NOTL Golf Club's first hole is Lake Ontario along the north edge. Saturday this huge lake appeared in the middle of the first fairway. (Ken Porter)
A large pond formed in front of the ninth hole at the NOTL Golf Club on Saturday afternoon. Ken Porter
Lily Cohen captured the flooding up her driveway on Dorchester Street. She told The Lake Report most of her yard was flooded around 11:30 Saturday morning. (Lily Cohen)

It was another weekend of rain, dampening spirits at the St. Davids Lions Carnival (but just temporarily), flooding some basements and adding numerous temporary lakes and ponds to neighbourhoods all around town.

Old Town was particularly hard hit as, after several days of rain over the previous week or so, more torrential downpours roared through on Saturday afternoon.

After reopening on Friday, the NOTL Golf Club was closed the entire weekend, a rare occurrence that hasn’t happened in recent memory.

Streets and parks also were deluged.

Lake Report photographers Julia Sacco and Dave Van De Laar and people in the community captured the subaquatic state of Old Town and environs.

See our photo gallery.

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