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Ross’s Ramblings: A few things that confuse me in NOTL and beyond
Bring on the leaves! Longtime NOTL resident John Percheson declares “I love raking leaves.” Maple, oak, whatever. What a sense of achievement, and a sense of temporary triumph over Mother Nature. At least until the next big wind. ROSS ROBINSON

The days come and go, and the seasons gently change. We somehow manage to keep up with the many shifts, technologically, socially and geopolitically.

Occasionally, I just go with the flow, trusting our leaders to be right and to be good people. I hope they have our best interests at heart.

Our ever-changing media offerings are confusing, and with social media and the internet, how can we possibly keep up?

Are Taylor Swift and Britney Spears really the same person, just with different press agents and labels?

I thought an app was something to eat at a cocktail party, complemented by a nice glass of Inniskillin Pinot Grigio.

Upper Canada and Lower Canada confuse me. On a map, Quebec is above Ontario, but it is Lower Canada. Ontario is below Quebec, but our province was once Upper Canada. Maybe it has something to do with the St. Lawrence River system.

I recently had a surgical procedure and thank goodness the surgeon remembered my confusion about the medical words positive and negative. Positive is bad and negative is good.

When Dr. Cranford phoned me with my results, he kindly advised me that he had “good news” for me. Whaddagoodguy.

From the state of Maine, we hear reports of 58 rounds being fired. Why use the word round, instead of bullet or shot?

And here in our pretty little town, how do the talented servers at Dairy Queen get the vanilla and chocolate ice cream to make a delicious two-flavoured swirl? Magic. And then they can turn it upside down without dunking it in the chocolate sauce.

Over at Stone Road Pharmacy, how do Julie Taylor and her co-workers get stripes in the Stripe toothpaste. Beats me.

When we ask a young person if they would like a ride, they respond, “I’m good.” I don’t care if they are good or bad, just if they need a lift.

Will the new welcoming gateway at the corner of Queen and Mississagua be officially unveiled before the first winter snows fly? Let’s cut the ribbon soon.

And every day I go past the old and decaying Parliament Oak Public School site. It gets sadder by the month, even though somebody is being paid good money to cut the large lawns every week or two.

C’mon, let’s make a decision. Progress awaits and demands political will.

Watching the Rugby World Cup final game at the Sporty with friends, we loved the total lack of gambling (not gaming!) ads as the All Blacks of New Zealand and the Springboks of South Africa battled it out.

Speaking of pervasive gambling ads, how can we expect anything else from the National Hockey League. As my colleague at The Lake Report intuitively noted, the surname of the president of the NHL is Bettman. Get it?

And not a word of whining when the referee made a bad call. It happens and the game goes on. Good calls and bad calls even out over a season.

Watching the world’s best rugby players, I wonder where are the tattoo sleeves and gold chains. And why are there no weird end zone celebration dances?

The big unknown to me was the advertisement selling Guinness 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Beer. Please, folks, is nothing sacred?

Mess with many things, but don’t mess with Guinness.

But I ramble.

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