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Letter: Forlorn hope that Middle East slaughter will end
Letter to the editor. File

Dear editor:

I read with interest Molly Bowron’s news story on April 4 detailing the harrowing escape by two young Israelis from the brutal Hamas attack, (“Young survivors relive terror of Oct. 7 Hamas attack“).

On the CBC program “Day Six” (on April 6) an Israeli journalist cited recent polls surveying the opinions of Israeli Jews (not Israeli Palestinians) at this stage of the war.

As to whether the level of violence used by the IDF was justified, two-thirds said it was and three-quarters were opposed to supplying humanitarian aid.

Another significant majority were in favour of Israel reoccupying Gaza.

I wonder if any member of the audience asked these two brave young people for their opinion or solution.

It is my long-term hope to see young Palestinians from Gaza, who have had equally horrific experiences, come to Canada to embrace young Israelis such as these two and call for a complete end to the slaughter on both sides.

I fear this may be a forlorn hope.

Richard James

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