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Sunday, February 25, 2024
Editorial: This one’s for YOU

For 15 weeks, starting way back on Feb. 18 and ending on May 27, we celebrated individuals and groups across Niagara-on-the-Lake who were nominated as Pandemic Heroes.

From health care workers to restaurateurs, civil servants to posties, and, finally, our farmers and farm workers, they were all deserving of recognition and celebration.

This week, as you can see on this special Souvenir Edition four-page wrap, we wanted to honour YOU, all the others in the community who have made the essential sacrifices, to stay home, stay healthy and stay safe as much as possible.

As a tribute to our loyal readers, we wanted a unique way to show our appreciation and out of that came the full-page photo mosaic comprised of hundreds of individual pictures of people from the community. It was painstakingly created by editor Richard Harley and co-sponsored by several community advertisers, including a personal message from Lord Mayor Betty Disero.

Be sure you view the online version of the page, which should allow you to zoom in on the many individual images. 

If you spot yourself or someone you know, let everyone hear about it via our Niagara Now or Lake Report Facebook page.

We finally are in the home stretch of this pandemic, so let’s all have a bit of fun and levity. It’s not quite over yet, but YOU have already done the hard work to get us this far.

And we think that is something to celebrate.

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