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Niagara Falls
Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Editorial: Lake Report goes bi-weekly

It’s been a busy month.

When Niagara Now received the first shipment of The Lake Report May 3 and our small crew set out to hand-deliver the first 5,000 copies around the community, we didn’t entirely know what to expect.

I had heard the word from people who told me they wanted a newspaper they felt was theirs again — something they could open up and see their friends, family and familiar faces, while finding out the truth about local issues; something hyper-local, not mixed with regional content.

Even though I had heard it,  I couldn’t have predicted just how much support we’d receive in just a few short weeks.

I would like to share a bit of that with you, starting with a hand-written letter we received launch month.

From Selina Appleby:

“Our thanks for the new newspaper.

You have given us a gift — a newspaper that brings us the news in an elegant format. It says ‘read this, it is important.’

Welcome to our town.

We need you.”

From all of us at The Lake Report, to all who sent emails or letters: thank you.

We wish we had room to print them all — though, as an office project, in the name of positive reinforcement, we’ve taken many and put them up on the office wall.

And it isn’t just the letters, it’s the people coming out of their houses, coming up to us when they see us to ask for a copy, shaking our hands and sitting down to read as we drive away. 

At the Legion on fish-fry-Thursday I was welcomed with warm hearts and the smell of crispy batter and fries.

I talked friends and neighbours, and with people whose families have been in town for generations.

If you’ve never stopped in the Legion, you should. The fish is phenomenal (trust me, they’ve been doing it longer than anyone in town) — but remember to take off your hat!

I’ve chatted with new and old residents over delicious roast beef sandwiches at the Community Centre — residents whose families will now help shape the future of this small town.

Many have reached out with their story ideas, photos, events and contributions.

Some have even made donations — which have helped us move from a monthly edition to a bi-weekly faster than we’d ever imagined. 

As well, we’ll be delivering to homes starting in July.

It’s truly been an overwhelming month.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a wonderful place to live and have grown up. I’m grateful for that, and for a chance to give back.


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