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Oct. 23, 2021 | Saturday
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Letter: Liberals are not proposing home equity tax
Letter to the editor

Dear editor:

I am writing today to call out the misinformation being spread by Conservatives across the country about home equity taxes. 

The Conservatives are spreading falsities by claiming the Liberals want to introduce a capital gains tax on the sale of primary residences. This is NOT true

The Liberals have never proposed this and have repeatedly said on the record that they oppose it. Several credible independent analysts and media organizations have verified that this is indeed misformation being spread by the Conservatives with zero factual basis.

It is incredibly disappointing to see the Conservatives resort to these tactics to scare voters into supporting them. I was particularly upset to see local Conservative candidate Tony Baldinelli joined in on this misinformation campaign this past weekend by spreading false articles online written by Conservative partisans.

He even claimed this policy was outlined in the Liberal party’s platform, something he knows full well is not true. Tony and his party spread the exact same misinformation during the 2019 election. 

Beyond the fact that spreading false information to constituents is inherently unacceptable, the nature of this misinformation is particularly inappropriate because it is causing tremendous anxiety among seniors. 

I simply cannot support a candidate who stirs up anxiety among vulnerable seniors for political and electoral gain.

Amy Casey