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Sunday, August 14, 2022
Editorial: Let’s hope 2021 is kinder

Though there's been a lot of bad news in the first week of the year — COVID reaching NOTL's long-term care homes, a police shooting and a province-wide lockdown — there's also been some good news.

For the first issue of the year, and while we're all cooped up at home again, we wanted to focus on some things that can bring us some joy.

So, without further ado …

Kudos to Niagara's doctors on finding their new “forever home” in The Village, and to John and Adam Hawley for helping to make that happen. It seems to be a much better location than beside Crossroads Public School.

Kudos to NOTL councillors, for standing firm on some important changes to the town's short-term rental bylaw. We hope these efforts help to protect what's left of our neighbourhoods from being hollowed out by what boils down to a commercial business in a residentially zoned area.

Kudos to the VanNoort family, for spearheading a fundraising campaign that collected $13,000 to help fund epilepsy research. And well wishes to Eric VanNoort. We hope you're healing up quickly from your brain surgery. That's sure to be one bad ass scar.

Kudos to the management and staff at Wayne Gretzky Estates, for putting Niagara-on-the-Lake front and centre in CBC's national New Year's Eve broadcast. It was an honour to see our little town on the big stage. Thanks also to The Great One himself for taking the time to respond to questions from The Lake Report. It's not every day you get to pose a question to a major Canadian icon.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, kudos to all of the front-line and essential workers helping our community. The Lake Report has aptly deemed you Newsmakers of the Year.

Here's hoping we are all prepared for a better 2021. A vaccine is on the way, and hopefully, with some luck, we can all be together again soon.