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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
COVID-19: Letter: Lakeside outlook closed but parking problems persist

Dear editor:

The following is an open letter to Lord Mayor Betty Disero:

The town does not want tourists at this time.

The outlook parking at Queen and Newark streets has been closed. As a result, across the street on Newark has now become “the favourite” parking location, and people walk from Newark to the waterside outlook.

This multitudinous parking now occurs around my house on the corner of Queen and Newark. The gravel sidewalk I installed is slowly being gouged and eroded and my water views occluded.

It is to be expected that this injustice be corrected by parking officials as soon as possible.

PS: As a follow up, this past Sunday afternoon there were 14 vehicles parked outside my house at Queen and Newark. They were bumper-to-bumper. There was little semblance of social distancing and all seemed to be mingling on the street, on the waterfront and on the golf course.

Surprised we should not be to see a spike in COVID-19.


Dr. Peter Thomas


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