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Jan. 27, 2022 | Thursday
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Letter: Carriages should stay
Annaliesa Covatta writes in to The Lake Report to show support for horse-drawn carriages.

Dear editor:

I think that the horse and carriages should stay. The horses are treated very well and they get exercise.

I think they should stay because they get attention, breaks and the rides are short.

For one of those huge horses to pull a carriage is pretty easy compared to when they pulled heavy plows. The horses would die off if they didn't pull the carriages because they would get slaughtered. The horses love doing it and I know because I had a carriage ride!

I also know because their ears were not back - when horses ears are back that means they are angry. Children like me can spend time with them if they never had experience with horses.

That is why I think the horse and carriages should stay!


Annaliesa Covatta, NOTL