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Tuesday, May 28, 2024
EDITORIAL: Enough is enough

NOTL’s not-so-friendly neighbourhood protesters decided to attack the country’s veterans again this weekend, protesting outside a pig roast fundraiser at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 124.

It now seems clear the people demonstrating just like hanging out in NOTL.

But here’s the thing: Nobody wants you here. Nobody is listening to you.

I know I enjoyed my pork sandwich all the more thanks to the audience of predictable protesters who think they can shove their views down people’s throats.

The irony was not lost on me, that I was enjoying the sandwich on land representing real heroes, who fought for my right to eat whatever I want — and coincidentally for the ignorant protesters’ ability to protest.

As I sat and watched, one of the protesters decided to blow an air horn into an older man’s ear. This is where police should have stepped in. It was clear, intentional harassment, and police only gave a warning, yet again.

Niagara Regional Police — where are you?

Members of this community are starting to lose faith in you as protectors of peace and safety.

While there is some understanding that you must be afraid to step on people’s constitutional rights, there is no constitutional right to harassment. The police department’s inability to properly enforce the difference between the two is appalling. Business owners, residents and tourists alike are suffering because you will not enforce the law.

Perhaps the horse people need to consider getting restraining orders for every single member of the protest group. Then police would have to act.

Pushing back physically against these animal rights protesters is not an option, no matter how frustrating and odious their actions and name-calling are.

But with no action by the police, it appears that some sort of legal remedy might be the only route left so that businesses, tourists and area residents can have a respite from these endless protests.  editor@niagaranow.com

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