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Thursday, April 18, 2024
Editorial: A community worthy of celebration

The New York Times has discovered Niagara-on-the-Lake. Well, it’s not the first time the influential media giant has written about our town, but the latest instalment is a finely focused piece about 36 hours spent in NOTL.

Yea Congrats to our town. And congrats also to some of the great groups and individuals who make living in NOTL special.

Yea To the St. Davids Lions and Lioness clubs for all their hard work and planning to make the 56th annual carnival this weekend such a treat for the community. Year after year, it draws people from all over Niagara, which is a testament to the job that the organizers have done to keep it relevant and fun in the new millennium.

Yea to Juliet Dunn and the TD Niagara Jazz Festival for another successful year of getting people dancing at Simcoe Park.

Yea To the NOTL Rotary Club, whose 25th anniversary picnic this week highlighted (again) all the good work this organization does in the community. Rotary does rock!

Yea To the Simpsons. In a town where civic generosity stands out, Ward and Sean Simpson and their families are true leaders. Ward’s decades of selfless community service are well-known and his son Sean has followed suit. Whether it’s for Red Roof Retreat, the United Way or many other local endeavours, you can always count on the Simpsons to be at the forefront, helping others.

Yea To the Chamber of Commerce and St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church who give us not one but two peach festival celebrations this month. Be sure you stop by.

Yea To all those who already have helped raise more than $12,000 to restore and re-establish the Upper Canada Heritage Trail in NOTL. There is still a long fundraising road ahead, but as our story shows, the generous citizens of NOTL have done a stellar job of getting the ball rolling.

Yea To NOTL resident Mike Scott, one of the co-chairs of the World Scout Jamboree, which ends this week in West Virginia. His dedication to scouting is admirable.

Yea To Joan King and the organizers of the Terry Fox Run. The event is still more than a month away, but your fundraising (and sale of Terry Fox T-shirts) will ensure it is a success.

Yea To Mary McHoull and the NOTL Lawn Bowling Club, whose zealous recycling habits are really putting the green on the “green” at the community centre.

Yea To Terry Flynn, NOTL’s everywhere man, who, when he is not working as the leader of Niagara’s EMS brigade is no doubt busy with other community endeavours.

Yea To Meridian Credit Union, for again bringing the Shred-it event to town and helping raise money for NOTL Community Palliative Care.

Yea To NOTL Hydro, for spending $3.3 million to double power capacity and ensure the lights (and air conditioning!) stay on.


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