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Thursday, April 18, 2024
Editorial: News has to be reported, even if it’s bad

It’s no secret the protests against Sentineal Carriages have become frustrating for many residents in town.

The Lake Report is aware that by writing about the protests, the paper is giving a platform to the protesters. We suspect this is what the protesters want.

Though it may pain us and other residents to see them and hear their mostly delusional and quite frankly strange rhetoric, like “earthlings,” “non-human persons” and “speciesism,” it is the job of the newspaper to report important happenings in our town — especially issues that draw resident concern on such a wide scale.

After a year and a half of protesters being on the street, the mere fact of them being there is, obviously, no longer news.

However when there is significant resident concern, The Lake Report will be there to cover it.

When groups are planning demonstrations titled, “Occupy NOTL,” we will be there to cover it.

When our cenotaph is used as a backdrop for a (any) group to project its message, we will be there to cover it.

Reporting the news is The Lake Report’s duty and commitment to the community, as the town’s most respected newspaper.

While we don’t enjoy giving the protesters another platform for a message we do not agree with, it is our mantra that the need for residents to know what’s happening locally is more important than our beliefs. We will make our stance known, and we have done so, but we will not take sides when it comes to reporting. The news must stay objective.

It allows people to make their own decisions. Most, like us at the paper, have seen the protesters are misguided in their efforts. We are sure there are others who agree with their views.

The Lake Report does not support the idea of banning all horse carriages. We do not believe the Sentineals fit into the category of carriage operators who should be protested.

Work animals and pets are an important part of human life, and I personally have seen the relationship between animals and humans is symbiotic in many ways. As a pet owner myself, I know animals can be companions. And I believe many animals actually quite enjoy being around people too.

All over town I regularly see happy dogs that, if anything, “own” their masters more than their masters own them. And that’s a great thing. The idea that you can have a pet, but can’t “own” it, is just poor wordplay.

That any group would want to put an end to all domesticated animals, and the bond an animal and human can share, is soulless and heartbreaking.

To Locals for Carriages, keep focused on your goal — share about how the horses add positively to our beautiful town, and keep on going through the procedures to have council step in with a permit system.

To the members of At War For Animals Niagara, I have a few suggestions for you, of places where your drive — the only thing I can commend about your group — might actually make a positive impact.

1. Marineland — you know, the place where the Walrus died a couple of months ago, that keeps a wide-variety of animals for entertainment, and that has had employees speak out against the treatment of those animals.

2. Skyway Animal Hospital — well, you’re too late actually, it’s closed because when people have a real reason to protest — like a pet-beating vet — the cause actually gains traction.

3. Cat hoarders — you’d be surprised how many are right here in Niagara. Bob Barker and the folks at the Price is Right would be peeved.

4. Groups that want to see all domestic animals extinct. Oh, wait … that would be you.

*face palm*


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