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Thursday, October 6, 2022
Editorial: The good no bad, no ugly

So often, the media are accused of focusing on the bad and ugly side of life. Unfortunately, bad things can be big news and it is part of the media’s job to report on and shine a light on those facets of life.

But there also is plenty of good to acknowledge and we’d like to salute some of the great things we have reported on in our community just this week alone.

So …

Yea To the town’s work crews and the residents along the Lake Ontario and Niagara River shorelines who have been toiling to try to prevent flooding problems as waters rise to record levels.

Yea To Dan Patterson, the outgoing president of Niagara College, who announced this week that he is going to retire in 12 months, ending a remarkable 25-year tenure leading one of the most innovative and inventive community colleges in the country. The long list of “firsts” that Niagara College has accomplished under Patterson should make us all proud.

Yea The Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre and the women who founded this exceptional NOTL gem 25 years ago. It was wonderful to see the founders and the centre so publicly celebrated at Sunday’s Iris Apfel-themed fashion show. Bravo!

Yea To the Thwaites family, one of Niagara’s many hard-working farming clans. The story of their hugely successful fruit and vegetable operation, carried on through multiple generations, is a testament to the family, its workers and the spirit of Niagara.

Yea To the organizers and participants in the migrant workers festival this past weekend. It is important to help and acknowledge the people who literally do the heavy lifting and hard work in the fields. They enable Niagara to retain its reputation as a leading agricultural community.

Yea To the Lord Mayor’s youth advisory council, for its mental health and wellness conference specifically for Grade 8 students. With anxiety and mental health concerns common in today’s young people, giving them some tools and information as they prepare for high school is an important step.

Yea To the NOTL Chamber of Commerce for so quickly finding a successor to departed president Janice Thomson. We look forward to what Eduardo Lafforgue will bring to the voice of business in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Yea To Music Niagara as it prepares for its annual “Big Night” gala fundraiser on June 15. Wishing all the best on another great season to the staff and volunteers who make this festival such a success.

Yea To Sentineal Carriages for giving a group of young NOTL Sparks a memorable “Cinderella” moment as the Girl Guides rode through town Monday on one of Sentineal’s horse-drawn carriages. A fun time and a priceless gesture.