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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Editorial: Lake Report to go weekly

The Lake Report, Niagara-on-the-Lake’s community newspaper, is going weekly in the new year.

It was always The Lake Report’s intention to jump to a weekly production as soon as possible, and the time has come, as the paper enters into its second volume.

Volume two will be the same paper you’ve come to know and cherish as your number one community source for trusted news.

It is the pleasure of the entire Lake Report team to consistently hear positive feedback about what we’re doing.

For a young local like myself, whose dream it has been to be involved in the news industry and start my own publication, I couldn’t find myself happier than I am to know that people truly enjoy what we’ve built, and to hear from old and new residents alike who read the paper cover to cover.

Many new residents have told us we’ve given them a true sense of the community they’ve joined.

Some of our stories tackle the tougher more controversial issues, and many others are about our neighbours, who live their lives within our town.

We will always have this balance, to offer the most diverse reading experience possible for the residents of this town.

There is no million-dollar backer, no ties to current or former politicians, and all of our staff members live and vote in this town, making our news unique in that our reporters truly care, beyond just a job, about NOTL.

It’s been a pleasure to work with some amazing residents who have submitted stories and ideas, and a myriad of local organizations that are doing their best to keep our community vibrant and unique.

Based on feedback from a large number of residents, The Lake Report also intends to add a couple other features to our paper. In the new year, we’ll be working to get obituaries in the paper, and welcome all submissions from local residents.

As well, we plan to offer further special editions which will allow local businesses to have a part in the paper, highlight special places to visit.

And lastly, perhaps most importantly, the paper intends to continue bridging a gap between longtime locals and newcomers. We are all a part of this town.


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