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Town seeks new inductees for Sports Wall of Fame
Pictured here is Monty Slingerland being inducted into the town's Sports Wall of Fame last August, for his contributions to lacrosse. EVAN LOREE/FILE PHOTO

The town is looking for new additions to its Sports Wall of Fame.

Its calling on residents to submit nominations for both local athletes who’ve made outstanding achievements in their endeavours, as well as trainers, coaches, officials or executive members who have dedicated significant time to enhancing the town’s sporting community.

“Community sports play a vital role in bringing people together, promoting physical activity, and fostering a sense of unity and pride in Niagara-on-the-Lake,” Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa said in a media release.

“The annual Sports Wall of Fame ceremony demonstrates our support for community sports and council’s commitment to maintaining a vibrant, more connected community.”

Nominations can be submitted in two categories:

  • Athlete: Must be or have been outstanding in their athletic endeavour.
  • Builder: Trainers, coaches, officials, or executive members who have dedicated significant time to enhancing the Niagara-on-the-Lake sporting community.

Nominations are due by June 21 and can be made on the town’s website, NOTL.com, under “Recreation & Events” and then “Community Initiatives & Events,” as well as at the town’s administration building at 1593 Four Mile Creek Rd. or the community centre at 14 Anderson Lane.

A committee of residents and town staff will review all submissions and select two individuals to be honoured on the Sports Wall of Fame at the Meridian Credit Union Arena.

An August ceremony will take place to recognize and celebrate the new inductees.

The town looks forward to honouring outstanding members of our community.

For those interested in joining the Sports Wall of Fame committee, contact Cheryl Lootsma at cheryl.lootsma@notl.com.

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