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Tiny tots get cooking at library
Three-year-old Cullen Stewart-Teichgraf sneaks a lick of his miniature pizza before it goes in the air fryer. EVAN LOREE
Three-year-old Cullen Stewart-Teichgraf cooks with his parents at home too. EVAN LOREE
Four-year-old Robert Stewart and library staffer Sharon McDonald top up the kid's cup with canned apples. EVAN LOREE
Six-year-old Mark Stewart shows his vigor as he pounds grahm crackers into a powder while making apple crumble. EVAN LOREE
Six-year-old Aryana Aleo shows off an english muffin, which serves as the base for a miniature pizza she's working on. EVAN LOREE
From left, Brendan Stewart-Teichgraf age five, with cousin Mark Stewart. The boys were two of eight kids who got to play with food at the NOTL library on March break. EVAN LOREE

Somethin’s cookin’ over at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library.

Kids came out to make apple crumble and miniature pizzas at the library for one of its March Break activities last Thursday. 

It was a messy good time for six-year-old Mark Stewart, who displayed great enthusiasm when it came time to smash graham crackers for the apple crumble topping. 

“I just loved the library programs,” said Mark’s mother, Julia Stewart. “We come all the time.”

Stewart brought Mark and his two brothers to the makeshift culinary event.

The boys were joined by their cousins, three-year-old Cullen Stewart-Teichgraf and five-year-old Brendan Stewart-Teichgraf.

Their mother, Jenny Stewart-Teichgraf, said the boys also love to cook with their parents at home. 

Cullen appeared to be in it for the savoury taste of the marinara sauce.

He snuck a lick of the tomato puree off his miniature pizza before library worker Sharon McDonald had a chance to throw it in the air fryer to cook.

“I love working with children and I like that they have a place to come to explore different things,” McDonald told The Lake Report.

She said libraries have a “bad rep” for being quiet, stuffy places.

The activity room at the NOTL library was anything but stuffy, though.

It was full of shouts and giggles when the kids moved to the floor for an activity break as McDonald cooked their pepperoni pizzas.

As they played, six-year-old Aryana Aleo shouted “The floor is lava,” and kids scrambled atop their chairs to avoid getting cooked themselves.

It was all over in an hour though.

A couple of parents filtered in to pick up their kids as they sampled their miniature pizzas fresh out of the air fryer.

Bright-eyed and grinning ear to ear, the kids left behind three tables full of bread crumbs and pizza sauce.

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