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Tickets? Oh yes, readers got speed camera tickets
Drivers should keep to 40 kilometres an hour if they want to avoid getting ticketed by the new automate speed cameras. EVAN LOREE

When we asked last week if any readers had received a surprise in the mail in the form of a ticket for speeding through the school zone outside Crossroads Public School in Virgil, wow, did we hear from you.

The automated speed camera has been operating for about two months now but Niagara Region, which installed it, hasn’t been too forthcoming about how much over the limit you need to be going in order to get dinged.

But from the tickets we’ve heard about, it seems that around 11 km/h over the limit is threshold.

And dozens of people are receiving fines from $75 (for 51 in a 40 km/h zone) to $257.50 for 27 over in the same zone. One unlucky speeder got two tickets, totalling about $325.

All fines include a victim surcharge and costs ranging from $20 to $55.

We’d like to hear from more readers about their experience. So, if you received a ticket and want to talk about it, let us know.

Email editor@niagaranow.com and include a snapshot of your ticket and tell us your story, briefly. And no, we won’t publish your name — unless you ask us to.

In April, the Virgil camera is scheduled to move to York Road near St. Davids Public School.

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