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Snow plow namers get kudos from council
The winners of the town's new snow plow naming contest stand with staff members and town officials. Pictured in front from left are Carleen LeBlanc, Jordana Hernder and Laura Hollemans. In back from left are Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa, Coun. Wendy Cheropita, town staffer Ray Hunter, Coun. Gary Burroughs, staffer Rick Nauta, Coun. Erwin Wiens and head of operations Darren Mackenzie. EVAN LOREE
NOTL resident Jordana Hernder asks if you catch her drift. EVAN LOREE
Welland resident Carleen LeBlanc came up with the names for Sled Zeppelin, Darth Blader and Snow-be-gone Kenobi. EVAN LOREE
NOTL resident Laura Hollemans will be getting Skip the Ditches next time she's snowed in. EVAN LOREE

Three winners of the Niagara-on-the-Lake’s new snow plow naming contest got their grip and grins at town hall Tuesday night.

Winners Jordana Hernder, Laura Hollemans and Carleen LeBlanc showed up for a quick handshake and photo op with the town’s leaders.

Hernder came up with Catch My Drift, whereas Hollemans came up with Skip the Ditches.

LeBlanc named three ploughs, including Sled Zeppelin, Snow-be-gone Kenobi and Darth Blader.

The “Star Wars” fan said it was rare to be a winner.

“Can’t even win the lottery these days, so it’s nice,” Leblanc joked.

The three contest winners said they learned about the contest through the town’s web pages and local media.

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