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Simpson’s Pharmacy purchased by SRx Health Solutions
Simpson's Pharmacy has been purchased by SRx Health Solutions Inc. Sean Simpson will take the title of pharmacy liaison. File

Simpson’s Pharmacy, a venerable Niagara-on-the-Lake health care institution for more than 45 years, has been purchased by SRx Health Solutions Inc., a major Canadian health and pharmaceutical company.

Sean Simpson, who has been running the company started by his father Ward in 1977, will assume the title of pharmacy liaison.

He and SRx both said customers should expect to see no change in how the business operates. The stores’ names and the Pharmasave affiliation will not change, he said.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be partnering with SRx to expand the services we are able to provide the local community,” Simpson said in a news release Wednesday.

“Our family is both humbled and proud of the business that we have built here in Niagara-on-the-Lake over the past 46 years, and are extremely grateful for the outstanding support we have received from all of our loyal customers and patients.”

He said the company and staff would continue “the legacy of care, service and community building that the Simpson’s Pharmasave name has become known for.”

Both the pharmacy on Niagara Stone Road and Simpson’s Apothecary on King Street were part of the purchase.

No purchase price was disclosed.

In announcing the acquisition, SRx’s chief operating officer Brock Clancy said, “We immediately felt a strong alignment with Sean and his team, who put their full hearts into what they do.”

The Toronto-based company is “fully committed to making this transition as seamless as possible for them and patients alike,” Clancy said.

“We would like the people of Niagara to know that we are committed to upholding and delivering outstanding service to the community,” he said.

As well, the staff “will remain intact, with zero disruption to service. Likewise, Sean will remain a part of the pharmacy team and help build out key care (services) in Niagara.”

SRx, founded by its president Adesh Vora more than a decade ago, says its mission is to make health care simple, improve the wellness of Canadians and ensure access to equal, modern health services.

In its announcement, the company noted it operates across the country and offers “a full range of comprehensive health care services —  from specialty pharmacies to specialty health clinics, nursing support to industry services, precision medicine and more —  to address and fill major gaps in our health care system.”

It remains unclear how those services might be expanded in NOTL as part of Simpson’s acquisition by SRx.

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