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Sandtrap’s Super Bowl bash supports Red Roof
Enthusiastic sports fans watched eagerly at a high-energy game this Superbowl Sunday at The Sandtrap. Julia Sacco

For its first year back at full capacity post-COVID, the Sandtrap Pub & Grill was full to the brim this Super Bowl Sunday.

“We started taking reservations back in late January,” said Matthew Dietsch, co-owner with his brother Paul. “I think people were excited to get back and have a big party.” 

And what better place to raise money for a worthy cause than a bar full of sports fans? 

Red Roof Retreat has partnered with the Sand Trap since the pub opened and was back yet again to collect funds for programming.

“My son uses their resources quite a lot between the summer day camp and the Saturday day camp stuff, so it was a nice, easy, natural decision for us to partner up with them as a charity,” said Dietsch. 

Red Roof executive director Steffanie Bjorgan helped collect donations for both a 50/50 draw and gift basket entries with proceeds going to the recreational and respite care facility.

“They were selling raffles and tickets for the prize table. There’s also a lot of presales,” she said.

“We get all the proceeds for those activities and then at the end Matt and Paul also top up. It makes for a fun event and a great fundraiser for Red Roof,” she said. 

Bjorgan explained that each year the night typically raises around $4,000 and judging by the size of Sunday’s crowd, she expected to at least match that.

“It’s fun because you get to see the same people come out year after year supporting it.”

“On behalf of Red Roof I’m always thrilled to see people show up, especially nowadays I’m sure everybody is watching their money as well,” she added.

“To see people walk in knowing that they’re going to be spending, that’s always very humbling for me.”

Dietsch said because his son Dylan regularly uses Red Roof’s services, he recognizes how important it is to help out the agency. And it also was hit hard by the pandemic.

“Red Roof is a self-funded charity, so they do an amazing amount of fundraising to help offset costs and stuff for programming, so, of course, anything they do we try and help,” he said.

“If I had anything to encourage people to do, it’d be to support any of their programs, tournaments, bake sales,” he added. 

NOTLer Petra Halbgebauer was among the crowd and was pleased to not only enjoy an intense football game but to help out a good cause.

“It was a great game, with some soft penalty calls for sure, as always,” she joked.

“Every time they do it we are happy to come be a part of the event.”

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