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Residents aren’t happy with size of Line 1 condo development
Carrie Makins is concerned about the size of the development and how it will hinder the enjoyment of her backyard. JULIA SACCO

Some people who have heard details about amendments planned for a condo development near Line 1 Road say the changes go too far.

During last week’s town planning and development meeting, senior town planner John Frederici shared an overview of a proposal to redesignate the land to medium-density residential from low-density residential to build 50 townhouses.

Max Fedchyshak from NPG Planning Solutions spoke on behalf of the developer.

The Haven condos in Virgil are planned for near Line 1 and Concession 6 roads, not far from Red Roof Retreat.

Carrie Makins lives on Concession 6 Road, with property backing onto the proposed condo land, and her biggest worry is the size of the development. 

“We have some major concerns about the density,” she said.

The density of the proposed condo is similar to what is happening at another project, Peachtree Landing, Makins added, but it’s “certainly not consistent to all the other surrounding properties.”

Peachtree Landing is a new 45-unit townhouse development along Concession 6 in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Construction began last year and homes are available to buyers now. 

Makins said that with an increase in size — what she says is “verging on high density”— the new development feels forced into its space.

“It’s just being squeezed in,” said Makins, who included a photo of the Peachtree Landing townhomes in her presentation.

Those homes are bungo-lofts, with only one storey of windows along the back, she noted.

“If you’re going to put a dense development right behind a property like ours, I think it’s only fair to take this into consideration,” she said, telling councillors that 11 two-storey windows will look onto her property.

Elizabeth DeBoer, another resident living adjacent to the proposed development, also said she felt increasing the condo’s size is pushing the limit.

“I think the town sets bylaw amendments for a reason,” she said.

DeBoer also questioned the limited number of parking spots proposed for those living in the building, saying only two per home is not enough, especially with only 15 visitor spaces.

Sarah Zimmerman, another nearby resident, shared DeBoer’s concerns.

“I work in the insurance industry for a living and I’m a professional risk manager,” she said.

“That S-shaped road with no walkways and no sidewalks and that amount of traffic coming through is a disaster waiting to happen.”

Zimmerman emphasized she supports development generally, but the proposed condos are too invasive.

“We accept reasonable development, equitable development for the property to the rear of our property,” she said.

“We are not in support of the number of variances in question, the density in question. It’s going to substantially impact us and our family.” 


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