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Friday, September 29, 2023
Queen’s Royal Beach safe for swimming again
The water at Queen’s Royal Park is currently safe for swimming after having high E. coli levels. SUPPLIED

Beach trips are back on.

After the region said high E. coli levels made Queen’s Royal Beach unsafe for swimming last Thursday, the water passed testing conducted on Friday and reopened early this week.

After more testing on Monday, July 17, the water remains safe for swimming.

It is not known how long the beach will remain open for swimming or if it will be closed again.

Brandon Krupa, the region’s manager of environmental health, explained that many different factors play a part in water quality and levels of bacteria like E. coli, including weather changes and wildlife.

Samples only represent a point in time, Krupa noted, so it is important for swimmers to monitor regular water sampling updates.

The water at Queen’s Royal Beach is tested each Monday, Wednesday and Friday in summer. The results are updated online at niagararegion.ca about 24 hours afterward.

The next update will be posted on Thursday, July 21.

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