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Parking passes now good for three hours
Resident passes will now grant NOTL residents free parking for up to three hours in the Heritage District. File.

Good news for resident parking pass holders.

All resident parking passes are now valid for three hours instead of only one, effective immediately.

The increased time limit was passed during last week’s council meeting, keeping in mind that “some other municipalities offer up to four hours for their resident parking permits.”

Coun. Maria Mavridis said she approached residents asking if they knew about these parking passes and when she informed them that they were only valid for one hour, people didn’t see the value.

“They would say, ‘Well can I eat in an hour?’ Well no, you can’t. So, let’s make it three,” she said.

The resident parking passes are available exclusively to residents on Niagara-on-the-Lake. The permits cost $22 this year but will rise to $30 in the new year.

Each pass entitles a resident to up to three hours of free parking in the Heritage District.

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