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Parkas ‘n’ Pints highlights skills of Niagara College brew students
Niagara College's Shusuke Satomura took home the Matt Soos Memorial Scholarship with his "Roast in Translation Brew" at Parkas 'n' Pints on Saturday. Julia Sacco

Bottoms up NOTL!

Those in the mood to sample 15 different unique beers made their way last Saturday to Niagara College’s Project Brew’s Parkas ‘n’ Pints night. 

Sarah Scott, who helped teach the brew students, was proud of the work of the dozen who put the night together.

“They put on the entire event and are also responsible for brewing their own beer as well as three class beers,” said Scott, manager of foodservice operations for culinary tourism and beverage studies at the college.

The beer tasting evening, at the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus, was a capstone project for the students. It brought out an impressive crowd as Scott said over 550 tickets were sold. 

“It’s our first big unrestricted event (after COVID) so we’re obviously excited to have everyone on campus,” said Craig Youdale, dean of culinary tourism and beverage studies.

Students were especially excited to share their brews since one of the 12 would be awarded the $4,500 Matt Soos Memorial Scholarship for the exceptional tasting brew. 

Shusuke Satomura was the lucky recipient announced that night, thanks to his delicious “Roast in Translation,” featuring unique Japanese techniques and ingredients.

“I brewed this amazake style,” said Satomura. “I wanted to express a fusion between Japan and Canada.”

A People’s Choice Award was also awarded to brewer Alanna Scully for her “Coco(a)nut Cookie Lager,” with hints of graham cracker and coconut.

“I took the main ingredients out of my grandma’s famous coconut cookie recipe, so the graham cracker, chocolate chip and coconut and turned it into a beer,” said Scully. 

The night was rewarding for each and every student who worked hard to make it a reality, including Mark Tuer, Jesse Wilson, Sandy Wilson, Apoena Becker, Liam Cameron, Evan Flury, Avi Goel, Matt Grenier, Brandon LeBarron and Chase Miller.

Youdale reiterated his pride at what the class was able to accomplish.

“All of the little touches are all students, everything from social media to layout and decor. It was all their plan and it’s cool to see it come together.”

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