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Optometrist giving away eclipse glasses, with donation proceeds to charity
Dr. Marianne Hopkins plans to safely watch the eclipse on April 8 in a pair of eclipse glasses, available by donation starting next week. SUPPLIED

Residents of Niagara-on-the-Lake have started preparing for the total solar eclipse on April 8 and optometrist Dr. Marianne Hopkins is here to help.

In anticipation of the rare eclipse, Hopkins is handing out almost 2,000 pairs of eclipse glasses in exchange for donations to support Newark Neighbours.

“We always try to run a fundraiser once a year and now we have a perfect opportunity,” Hopkins told The Lake Report. 

She added that lots of people are expected to be coming into town to view the eclipse and having the glasses on hand will be one less thing for NOTLers to worry about.

For a suggested donation amount of $5 or more, NOTLers can be properly protected to enjoy their eclipse viewing.

Sun safety is important year-round, not just during the eclipse, Hopkins added.

“We should be wearing sunglasses and UV protection for the winter and summer months,” she said.

Protecting your eyes and the skin around the eyes, along with getting regular eye exams to ensure the absence of sun damage, is crucial.

On the day of the eclipse, Hopkins said she plans to enjoy the celestial phenomenon — safely of course.

“We are going to close both offices so we can go and enjoy it,” she said. “Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to sit on my roof and have a look.”


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