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Monday, February 6, 2023
NOTL raises a glass to ring in 2023 – BONUS: See our New Year’s Eve photo gallery
Sarah Wiley, Felicia Izaguirre, Charlie Izaguirre and Laurie Izaguirre celebrate the new year with a glass of bubbly at the clock tower cenotaph in Old Town. A large and boisterous crowd gathered to hear the bell strike midnight. (Dave Van de Laar)
Ticket holders at The Sandtrap did the Time Warp again during Saturday's New Year's Eve festivities. (Julia Sacco)
Jack van Ginger provided live tunes at The Irish Harp's New Year's Eve event on Saturday. (Julia Sacco)
Laurie and Charlie Izaguirre share a light for their sparklers after counting down the final seconds of 2022 at the Cenotaph. (Julia Sacco)
NOTLers and tourists alike lined the streets of Old Town to celebrate New Year's Eve at the Cenotaph. (Julia Sacco)
The Irish Harp was packed wall to wall for New Year's Eve festivities on Saturday. (Julia Sacco)
The clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve in downtown NOTL, the crowd cheers and then disperses. (Linda Kozik-Anderson)

Whether you rang in the new year at home, at a pub, or in the middle of Queen Street, NOTLers made sure that 2023 came in with a bang.

Those in town for the holiday had plenty of options for where they could count down the last moments of 2022, with parties at the Sandtrap, Olde Angel Inn, Riverbend Inn & Vineyard, Spirit in Niagara Distillery and the Irish Harp to name a few. 

The highlight for many was the annual countdown outside at the clock tower cenotaph, which drew a few hundred people from nearby bars and homes. 

The Izaguirre family spent their New Year’s Eve with “a lot of giant Jenga, sauces and dip and a lot of good talk,” before meeting at the cenotaph, said Laurie Izaguirre. 

“Every year we come back and do the same thing, rain, shine, COVID. We’re here every year.”

Izaguirre, who has lived in NOTL for most of her life, boasted a New Year’s resolution to “travel the world.”

Amid lively music at the Irish Harp, owner Jovie Joki shared a similar sentiment. 

“Personally, I’d like to have some more time,” she said.

The pub toasted the Irish new year at 7 p.m. and reopened at 9 p.m. for specialty cocktails and live music from Jack van Ginger. 

Similarly, the Sandtrap sold nearly 100 tickets to guests who danced the night away to classic hits and even “did the Time Warp again.”

After the evening’s big festivities at the cenotaph, where bubbly was popped and sparklers were lit, many made their way to the Angel Inn to close off the night. 

The pub, which hosted a British New Year’s toast at 7 p.m. stayed open an extra hour to accommodate NOTLers and visitors alike who wanted to celebrate among friends, said bar manager Adam Dodridge.  

“A lot of people can come through these doors, even if it’s just to experience a drink.”

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