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NOTL man among recipients of Order of Ontario for 2023
Royal Conservatory of Music

A Niagara-on-the-Lake man who has been credited with helping to shape the lives of young musicians from across the province is among 25 inductees to the Order of Ontario this year.

Peter Simon, who has served as president of the Royal Conservatory of Music for 33 years, created the conservatory’s Learning Through the Arts program, which reached hundreds of thousands of school students, seniors and Indigenous youth across the country.

The announcement was made on Jan. 1 by Lt.-Gov. Edith Dumont, who also serves as chancellor of the Order.

“These Ontarians have demonstrated the highest levels of merit, excellence and dedication in their respective disciplines, and they have made significant impacts here at home and around the world,” Dumont stated in a news release.

“Our province gratefully acknowledges their remarkable contributions, which inspire us all to be leaders and change-makers.”

In addition to the Learning Through the Arts program, Simon spearheaded the creation of Koerner Hall in Toronto, an 1,100-seat concert venue known for its acoustics.

The Order of Ontario is the province’s highest honour for residents and recognizes outstanding people who have made exceptional contributions to help build a stronger province, nation and world.

Members of the Order come from all walks of life and represent various sectors of society including public service, business, journalism and health care.

“I am proud of the incredible breadth and depth of talent we have here in Ontario,” Michael Ford, the minister of citizenship and multiculturalism, said in a news release listing the inductees.

“Each one of these exceptional Ontarians are leaders and trailblazers who exemplify the best of our province,” he added. “Their achievements, dedication and leadership have contributed to building a stronger Ontario and a better world for all.”


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