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NOTL health provider seeking answers to better serve its patients
Dr. Anne Wilson speaks with Niagara North Family Health Team medical receptionist Sheryl Janzen. RICHARD HUTTON

The Niagara North Family Health Team is looking for answers to help those most disadvantaged in the heath care system.

In an effort to achieve health equity amongst all groups, the local team is conducting a survey of its rostered patients to help achieve a goal of fairness and optimal representation.

Some NOTL residents may have noticed an email for the team asking for help by completing a survey.

“It has become known that some groups of people, because of their race, gender, sexual identity, languages spoken or annual income, are at a disadvantage in the health care system,” it reads. “For various reasons, they do not receive the same health outcomes as other groups.

“Ontario Health recognizes this and has asked family health teams to start to collect data about these things from our patients, and we support that idea.”

The information gathered will not be shared with anyone other than patients’ direct health care provider.

“When you complete the survey, your answers will go straight into your medical chart and be visible only to members of your health care team, who will use it to optimize your health care.”

Survey takers are able to pick and chose what they want to share. No question on the survey is mandatory.

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