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Golf club staff support colleague fighting cancer
Kathy Allen, Yvonne Darte-Grecco, Brenda Breen, Lisa Ermanson-Cook and Triston Ibbotson make up part of the NOTL Golf Course family. Her colleagues wanted to help Breen in any way they could. SUPPLIED

Brenda Breen has been working at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club for nearly 10 years and after a recent cancer diagnosis, her colleagues are banding together to help.

“When the employees, myself and the owners were given the news by her, we wanted to help in any way that we could,” Bobbi Wanamaker, the club’s special events co-ordinator, told The Lake Report.

When Breen said she would happily accept, Wanamaker and the golf club family put together a GoFundMe to cover medical expenses and support her family.

“Before she started chemo she had to take a pre-chemo pill and that’s not covered by OHIP so that cost her some money. The chemo itself is covered, but only up to a certain amount,” Wanamaker said.

For Breen, a single mom living in town, the fundraiser will ease her stress while she is unable to work, Wanamaker said.

Those interested in sending money or well wishes can do so on GoFundMe, through the fundraiser “Brenda’s Battle” by Bobbi Wanamaker or in-person at the club.

“I set a goal of $20,000 and if it goes beyond that, wonderful. We’re not going to set a time limit on it,” Wanamaker said. 

A fundraiser is planned in June, which is Uterine Cancer Awareness Month.

“We are going to do a day when all of the serving staff donate their tips to Brenda’s GoFundMe. The owners said they will match that day as well,” Wanamaker said. 

“We’re hoping she’s feeling up to coming down and partying with us that day.”

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