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NOTL dog owners can now license Fido online
The Town of NOTL has entered into a partnership with DocuPet to offer residents the opportunity to purchase dog licences online. PIXABAY Pixabay photo

A new partnership between the town and an online pet licensing platform means making your furry friend legal has become easier for residents of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

The town has enlisted DocuPet to handle the issuing of dog licences via notl.docupet.com.

When a pet is registered on the platform, a new licence is issued and mailed to the owner. For an additional cost, residents can browse hundreds of tag styles online or design their own tags.

CAO Marnie Cluckie called the initiative “a fantastic modernization effort that offers a simplified online experience to dog owners.”

Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa, meanwhile, said the service “will be extremely valuable to pet owners and a necessity for animal safety within the community.”

Licences issued through DocPet include the HomeSafe lost pet service, an identification and reunification program that links a unique code on each tag issued to an online profile of the pet.

HomeSafe is a key to keeping dogs from winding up in shelters, said DocuPet CEO Grant Goodwin.

“Running an effective pet identification program is incredibly important for the welfare of pets in the community,” he said.

Pet licensing is mandatory for dogs in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Under the old system, all licences expired on Dec. 31 regardless the date of issue.

Under the new partnership, licences will expire 365 days from the date of issue.

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