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Niagara Community Foundation invests $43,000 to improve NOTL health services
The Niagara Community Foundation received $460,000 from the Niagara-on-the-Lake Healthcare Foundation when it closed in 2018, which it has since started to disperse to other NOTL health care organizations. Supplied

Niagara-on-the-Lake is in need of a health care makeover and the Niagara Community Foundation wants to help.

The organization received $460,000 in assets from the closing Niagara-on-the-Lake Healthcare Foundation and committed to continue helping NOTL health care providers.

Each year, the community foundation works with providers to assess their need level and accordingly disperses funding. 

In 2022, the four organizations that received grants totalling $43,580 included: Pathstone Mental Health Foundation ($10,000 to support counselling for NOTL youth), Niagara Health Foundation ($10,000 to buy mobile ventilators), NOTL Palliative Care Services ($5,760 to help hire a new counsellor and $7,830 for renovation costs at its new location) and the Niagara North Family Health Team ($9,990 to purchase new waiting room chairs). 

Executive director Bryan Rose explained how funding dispersal is decided, saying that the foundation aims to respond to the organizations’ most important demands.

“This year, obviously mental health is a huge subject and an important topic, especially for youth, so one of the bigger grants that we did for 2022 was the Pathstone Mental Health Foundation to support counselling for NOTL youth,” he said.

“Every year it’s different and unique things that come up. In the past, we’ve supported great organizations, like Red Roof Retreat and the Upper Canada Lodge.”

As for 2023, funding decisions will not be made until later in the year, but Rose said about $50,000 will be given out once the grants committee connects with NOTL organizations and assesses needs.

“We really just wanted to let the residents of Niagara-on-the-Lake know that this fund exists and is continuing to funnel funds into the health care sector for the benefit of our residents.”


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