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Friday, July 12, 2024
Lake Report’s national award-winning magazine returns bigger than ever
Here's the front page of The Lake Report's Visitors Guide for summer 2024, a scenic sunset view of paddleboarders out on the water. THE LAKE REPORT

The Lake Report’s national award-winning summer tourism guide is out on shelves across town.

Albeit, it’s hard to keep them in stock because everybody seems to want one.

At 88 pages, the high-quality glossy magazine, “NOTL: A Guide for Distinguished Explorers,” is the biggest the paper has ever published, jam-packed with features, advertisements and information about Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Your can read about two St. Davids restaurants doing fantastic things — Ravine Vineyard’s winery restaurant and the Grist Craft Kitchen & Brewery.

The pictures are sure to make your mouth water.

Then read about Maureen MacSween and Quiet Acres, one of NOTL’s iconic fruit and vegetable operations.

Want to actually be on the lake? Check out a feature on Paddle Niagara and owner Tim Balasiuk.

Learn about the recent renovations at Fort Mississauga and all about the history of Fort George.

Explore arts in NOTL by checking out our feature on the Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre or our list of summer music in NOTL.

And, of course, read a bit about wine. Check out Jill Troyer’s major feature on five NOTL winemakers and what they’re doing with rosé.

Plus a whole lot much more.

Editor-in-Chief Richard Harley said it’s the highest-quality magazine yet, thanks to a new printer.

“These magazines, while a fantastic tool for visitors, newcomers and longtime residents, are also just a whole lot of fun for us to put together.”

“It’s not often we get to dive into the history of our town in our paper. Most people know the basics, but this gives a chance to showcase our town to the masses and help out local businesses while we’re at it.”

The magazine features the best-of-the-best of NOTL and aims to encapsulate a little bit of everything.

“We try not to leave anyone out.”

Harley said the magazine would be impossible to produce without the support of local businesses.

“On each page you’ll find full page, or two-page ads for local businesses. Without their participation we wouldn’t be able to produce something so comprehensive.”

For the second time, the magazine was published in partnership with Tourism NOTL and features a letter from board chair Andrew Niven as well as an eight-page spread produced by the organization that features even more info about NOTL.

But be warned, there are limited copies available as the paper aims to distribute many of them beyond the walls of our wee enclave.

You can find copies at hotels, restaurants, shops and tourism-related businesses around town. An online version of the entire magazine is available at our print archive, lakereport.ca.

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