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Kid’s lemonade stand raises $1,800 for Niagara Dog Rescue
Ishani Ayona Pal ran her lemonade and popcorn stand for her second year in a row. She was inspired to help Niagara Dog Rescue after adopting her beloved Spot more than two years ago. Supplied.

Seven-year-old Ishani Ayona Pal has been a passionate animal lover ever since rescuing her family dog Spot through Niagara Dog Rescue.

To show her support of the rescue group, the Crossroads Public School Grade 2 student started a tradition of running a lemonade stand in support of finding “fur-ever homes” for dogs like Spot.

This year, Ayona Pal’s little stand raised $1,810 for Niagara Dog Rescue on Aug. 5, doubling the amount she raised last year ($905).

Her mother, Urbee Shome, said she was more than eager to peddle out lemonade and bags of popcorn once again.

“We thought, ‘She’s a kid, she’s just gonna maybe do it for a few minutes and then run off to play’ but she stayed for the entire time,” Shome said.

She added that Ayona Pal told her parents to call her over whenever a customer stopped by so she could greet them.

“She was very diligent about it,” Shome said, laughing.

After raising $1,810, Ayona Pal and her family met up with a representative from Niagara Dog Rescue to hand over her donation cheque at a very special spot.

“They were waiting at the Husky Gas Station and that’s where we picked up our Spot two-and-a-half years ago,” Shome said.

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