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Kids learn about computers, inside and out
Ben Higgins gives daughter Marlo, Olivia and Emily Ferguson an inside peak at an old Dell monitor. Evan Loree

Kids at the NOTL Youth Collective got to play with computers and power tools Thursday night.

Parent, volunteer and computer specialist Ben Higgins showed a small group of kids the ins and outs of an old Dell computer monitor. 

Thirteen-year old Roc Mastromatteo stood back from the crowd to watch the younger kids take the monitor apart.

He said he’s been interested in computers for a while and is mostly self-taught.

“I would say I’ve taught myself enough to maybe even build one someday,” he said.

Meanwhile, Higgins was joined on the floor by his daughter Marlo and her friends Olivia and Emily Ferguson.

Emily was working with the electric drill to help separate the motherboard from the machine. 

The three kids agreed they didn’t get to learn much about computers in school. 

“It looks like little houses and people,” one of them said as Higgins showed off the computer’s motherboard.

The three friends agreed they would like to take apart more electronics in the future.

Higgins said he hopes he can teach the kids how to make an electrical circuit.

This would require some soldering irons and other small tools, but he thinks it would be a good learning experience.

“It seems overwhelming at first, but then everything’s repetitive. It’s always the same stuff and just in different configurations,” he said of the computers.

The kids felt it would take “a long time” to learn the ins and outs of computers. “It’s a lot more confusing,” said Olivia.

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