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Healing fundraiser supports upkeep of Willowbank Love Garden
Natalie Blueraven and Nicholas Sorrenti led an evening of drums and sound healing in support of Willowbank's Love Garden on Sunday. Julia Sacco

The healing powers of music, love and community encapsulated a Sunday evening at the Willowbank Love Garden, where a fundraiser was held to help collect the supplies needed to tend to the school’s garden.

Natalie Blueraven has been volunteering at the Willowbank Love Garden for nearly a decade. 

The garden, dedicated to the area’s Indigenous community, is in need of funding for supplies like topsoil, organic matter and most importantly, gas cards for volunteers who wish to tend to the garden.

Twenty-five-year-old Nicholas Sorrenti, who helps lead the GeoKids club at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Centre, approached Blueraven with the idea for a fundraiser after being inspired by her work within the community. 

Sorrenti said he found Blueraven’s drumming and sound healing powerful and thought that Willowbank would naturally be an excellent spot for a fundraiser through a drum circle.

“It feels like such a beautiful area and there’s such a powerful connection to Indigenous people,” he said. 

The Love Garden Drum Circle at Willowbank hosted a potluck dinner, drum circle and sound healing along with an all-natural craft for kiddos who came out to enjoy the afternoon. 

Numerous plot owners at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Garden donated a plethora of produce to the Love Garden, including kale, swiss chard, tomatoes and celery, which were enjoyed by all guests.

Blueraven said that countless community volunteers have helped out at the garden throughout the years and extra hands are always appreciated. 

“If we could get consistent upkeep, that would be great,” Blueraven told The Lake Report. 

Along with monetary donations, the Love Garden appreciates donations of wood chips and organic compost. 

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