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Glendale Notes: Neighbours fill bags during annual spring cleanup
Residents and Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa celebrate after completing the 2023 Niagara on the Green annual spring cleanup on Saturday. STEVE HARDAKER

Under clear skies accompanied by a warm breeze, neighbours of the Niagara on the Green neighbourhood in Glendale came together Saturday mourning to conduct their annual neighbourhood spring cleanup.

They were joined by Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa, who pitched in to help.

Each spring for the past six years, residents have taken the time to clean up after the long and at times windy winter.

Their efforts focus on the storm water management pond, the two dry ponds, the park and parkettes while also picking up litter along the curbs throughout the neighbourhood.

Most of the materials collected are recyclable grey and blue bin items that have blown away during weekly waste collection and end up in the common areas of the neighbourhood.

Plastic drinking bottles were the most common item found, the clean-up crew said.

The greatest amount of materials – eight full bags – was collected around the neighbourhood storm water management pond.

“The Niagara on the Green residents have been doing an annual spring cleanup for a number of years now,” said Lianne Gagnon, one of the organizers. “It’s always encouraging to see neighbours who care about our neighbourhood.”

Some people bring their entire family to the event, she said.

“What a great way to teach children about being good stewards of our land. Picking up litter is one small way of caring for our environment,” Gagnon said while thanking all the volunteers who came out.

She also thanked the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake for supplying all the garbage bags and gloves as well as coming to pick up the collected garbage afterward.

Gagnon also thanked Zalepa for coming out, noting, “His help is greatly appreciated.”

“I’m really happy with what we accomplished today.”

Correspondent Steve Hardaker has lived in Glendale for over 13 years and is active in many community organizations.

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