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Garden club members reveal some design secrets
Garden Club of Niagara member Diane Turner replicated an 1800-era dining table display. She spoke about drying flowers for her arrangements and matching the colours to the china on the table. DAVE VAN DE LAAR
As the audience looks on, Jennifer Stevens describes how she made a pillow cushion out of lamb's ear for the house tour. DAVE VAN DE LAAR

Elizabeth Goldman
Special to The Lake Report

At their March monthly meeting, Garden Club of Niagara members shared the techniques they used to create some of the spectacular designs that were on display during the Niagara on-the-Lake Rotary House Tour in December.

Their work had been displayed at the McFarland House and Willowbank.

Members described how they made exotic faux desserts out of clay and dried flowers to emulate the style of entertainment that would have been held in those two homes in historic times.

Other presenters demonstrated how they made a lamb’s ear pillow cushion, how to make a fish design using the flowering plant Lunaria and how to create a pavé turtle designed arrangement with beans and other edible materials.

The club begins making plans for the Rotary House Tour in June and members start collecting flowers from their gardens in early summer in order to dry them out for their designs.

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