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Festive Fare brings forth the holiday season
Barbara Khan and Caroline Montgomery ran the Christmas bazaar during Saturday's Festive Fare. Shoppers could take home a variety of kitschy holiday goods. JULIA SACCO

For Kathleen Turnbull, a new member of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, the church’s Festive Fare on Saturday was the perfect place to promote her new children’s book.

She wrote her new book “Laamby’s Christmas Story” to tell the story of Jesus’ birth through the lens of a loveable lamb.

“The thrust is not to church people who know the story,” Turnbull told The Lake Report.

Her goal, she explained, is to share the story with people who otherwise wouldn’t hear it – the Festive Fare, in this vein, is attended by people both who attend the church and who don’t.

The idea to tell the story through Laamby came from both an emphasis on sheep throughout the bible and Turnbell’s real-life experiences with the animal, she added.

“I have four grandchildren who live in Niagara-on-the-Lake and I’m close in heart to four who live in the Yorkshire Dales amongst lots of sheep,” she said. “I’ve been visiting there every year since 2010 and I see all the little ‘Laambys’ running up the hills.”

“Laamby’s Christmas Story” is available for purchase on Amazon.

Besides chatting with Turnbull about her latest book, attendees to the Festive Fare could shop for holiday goodies or enjoy a quick meal.

Lynn Lingard, the lead organizer, told The Lake Report that this is the first year Festive Fare has returned since 2018.

With its return, the market had a few new additions.

“This Christmas market is new, we decided to do all Christmas stuff this year,” Lingard said.

Homemade jam and baked goods were also available for sale. 

Pastor Bernie Skelding said that his first Festive Fare at the church has been a successful way to ring in the holiday season.

“We’re trying to make time and space for the community to come to be present and kick off the Advent and Christmas season,” he said.

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