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Erwin Wiens shares the wealth from his $10,000 hole-in-one winnings
Two days before his big hole-in-one, Dorothy Soo-Wiens and Erwin Wiens celebrate him being named 2023 Grape King. Somer Slobodian

Coun. Erwin Wiens had a tremendous stroke of luck during the town’s golf tournament on Sept. 14, scoring a perfect hole-in-one and winning $10,000 that he and his wife Dorothy Soo-Wiens have big plans for. 

Joe Pillitteri’s “Team Pillsy on the Terry Fox Foundation (got some), our church is going to get quite a bit of it. We’re doing a build program. Dorothy and I were also talking about sharing it with some of the people who work with us at the farm,” Wiens told The Lake Report. 

Soo-Wiens said that they haven’t entirely decided where all of the money is going to go quite yet but the Terry Fox Foundation, the church and workers at the farm are the top three. 

“I’m over the moon that this happened and we just decided right away that we were gonna share it,” the deputy mayor said. 

Wiens added that close to $5,000 has been distributed thus far and the couple are now determining how much will go where. 

He said that he never could have expected to get a hole-in-one at the tournament, but it was the perfect place to do it, surrounded by friends and colleagues. 

“I couldn’t have scripted it better,” he said.

Wiens added that it has been an overwhelmingly positive past few days – he was named 2023 Grape King on Sept. 12 and two days later notched the hole-in-one.


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