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Dos and don’ts of recycling
When people recycle properly, it reduces the amount of material that ends up in landfills. MIDJOURNEY

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library’s most recent Learn & Live segment pointed out that only 25 per cent of the waste that we generate in the Niagara Region is properly recycled.

To avoid producing more waste for landfills, The Lake Report gathered some helpful tips from the presentation, as well as the Niagara Region website, on how to maximize your recycling from home. 


  • Throw your compost bags out without tying them 
  • Dispose of solid fats and grease in the compost bin
  • Dispose of small amounts of liquid oils in the compost by absorbing with a paper towel, newspaper, kitty litter or sawdust, or freezing
  • Bring large amounts of liquid oil to a drop-off facility
  • Rinse all residue off of containers and plastics before placing them in your blue box 
  • Use compostable or paper garbage bags to help with the breakdown of your waste 
  • Throw waste directly into your kitchen catcher to optimize waste breakdown
  • Place all of your plastic bags inside one bigger bag to dispose of in your grey bin: remove ties and handles


  • Tie your compost bags in a knot before disposal 
  • Put glass in your compost bin 
  • Pour liquid oils down the drain 
  • Dispose of more than one litre of liquid oil in your compost
  • Put a container or plastic in your blue bin without rinsing the residue 
  • Dispose of your compost in plastic bags
  • Throw plastic bags into the garbage 

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