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Crafts, chili and more crafts at Legion’s Christmas show
Sandra Vyse, owner of StitchM's Cards and Keepsakes, sells her homemade cross-stitched cards and other keepsakes. Somer Slobodian
From left, Abigail Michalz, 13, Chloe Michalz, 10 and Ryner Michalz, 7, sell their homemade crafts at the Legion. Somer Slobodian
Heather Bees Honey was a hit over the weekend at the Legion's Christmas Craft Show. Somer Slobodian

There’s no time like a crafty time. 

That’s true for Sandar Vyse, owner of StitchM’s Cards and Keepsakes, a business she started in 2017.

Over the weekend Vyse was selling her handmade cross-stitched greeting cards at the Royal Canadian Legion branch 124’s Christmas craft show. 

She spent about two hours making a particular card she had for sale, an orange cat decorated in Christmas lights with the words “meowy Christmas” cross-stitched beneath it.

“I also have cross-stitch wine and liquor tags as well, and then I do keepsake jars,” she said.

The keepsake jars come with a small poem and fairy dust powder, making them ideal stocking stuffers.

Her nieces and nephew, the Michalz kids – Abigail, 13, Chloe, 10 and Ryner, 7 – were in charge of the table beside her, which was brimming with fun crafts they made themselves.

Vyse’s mother, Sue Follick, was selling handmade crochet items next to them.

“Make it a family affair,” said Vyse with a smile. 

Abigail, Chloe and Ryner make homemade keychains, magnets and Christmas ornaments.

“It’s fun and enjoyable, and relaxing and calm,” said Chloe. 

Ryner created some of the Pokemon keychains, such as a green squirtle.

He likes crafting because it’s peaceful, he said. 

Almost directly across from them was Heather Bees Honey, owned by Heather Twining, which sells homemade honey as well as homemade candles made from beeswax. 

She operates out of St. Catharines and in the summer she runs upward of 250 hives and in the winter she uses the wax to pour into silicone moulds to make her decorative candles. 

“Even when they’re burning, it smells like honey,” she said. 

There was a steady flow of people in and out of the Legion, and many did not leave empty-handed. There was a little something for everyone. 

NOTL residents Derek and Judy Insley frequently attend craft shows looking for things that are unique and interesting. 

“When you’re asking people about their products, they’re enthused,” said Derek. 

“They’re really engaged and passionate about what they do,” he added. 

Once guests shopped till they dropped, they had a chance to try out some homemade chili, cooked up by The Lake Report’s very own Richard Harley.

There also was a penny raffle set up along the back table. 

“You get to meet some really interesting people, and they’re talented and they’ve been doing it for years,” said Judy Insley.

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