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Town appoints Bruce Zvaniga as interim chief administrator
Bruce Zvaniga was appointed the Town of NOTL's interim chief administrator at a special meeting of council on Friday, Dec. 15. LINKEDIN

Town council has named Bruce Zvaniga as Niagara-on-the-Lake’s interim chief administrative officer.

He takes over the job on Jan. 1.

Zvaniga, a veteran of some 40 years in municipal administration, was appointed during a special meeting of town council on Friday, Dec. 15.

The meeting was not widely publicized in advance and the news of the appointment came in a statement issued by the town on Friday afternoon. Few other details were available.

Among his other administrative jobs, Zvaniga has been commissioner of public works for Niagara Region and Brampton, and spent 27 years working for the City of Toronto, according to his LinkedIn profile.

NOTL’s current chief administrator, Marnie Cluckie, is leaving the town to become city manager in Hamilton. She starts that job Jan. 14.

In the town’s statement, Lord Mayor Gary Zalepa said, “I am optimistic about the recruitment process for chief administrative officer and finding a suitable candidate that serves the Niagara-on-the-Lake community.”

Until then, Zvaniga’s “significant abilities and experience make him more than well-equipped to handle the responsibilities of the interim CAO.”

The town said Zvaniga, an engineer, has “40 years of experience leading municipal government services and critical infrastructure projects for various municipalities.”

It notes he has overseen “transformative projects such as the consolidated Niagara Transit Commission, south Niagara Falls wastewater system, Hurontario light rail transit, Burlington’s Prosperity Corridor and Toronto’s waterfront revitalization.”

Zvaniga has extensive expertise in recruiting, developing and retaining staff, “demonstrating a strong commitment to community well-being and public service excellence,” the announcement said.

The process of recruiting a permanent chief administrator will begin shortly and the town said council is “committed to finding the best candidate for the role.”


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