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Arts: Singer brings impersonations to stage at Corks this Friday
Singer Angela Seeger can impersonate just about anyone she puts her mind to — and will prove it at her "What's in the Trunk?" show at Corks this Friday. SUPPLIED

Angela Seeger’s ‘What’s in the trunk?’ performance showcases some of your favourite stars


Angela Seeger got her start in musical theatre and formed her first band at 19.

“It’s one of those things where your parents have to say, ‘Make a backup plan,’ ” Seeger told The Lake Report, “and to be honest, I did try to find one, but this is what I’m meant to do.”

Being part of the community’s music scene into adulthood has meant looking for creative ways to find work, she said.

“You can’t just sing in a band in a bar.” 

After spending years performing in Atlantic City and Las Vegas, doing eight shows a week, Seeger returned to St. Catharines settle down with her husband and two kids.

One day while she was tidying her house the idea for a new musical venture came to her — artist impersonations.

“I remember cleaning my house and I had some music on my TV and Adele came on playing ‘Rolling in the Deep,’ ” she said.

“I looked and I thought, ‘I could do that.’ ”

From there, Seeger started to book gigs as Adele with the connections she still around the Niagara region.

Now, impersonations are her specialty, performing as Adele, Janis Joplin, Barbra Streisand and more while touring with Abbamania Canada, an ABBA tribute group, and the tribute band the British Legends.

This Friday, March 29, Seeger will be taking all of her characters and more in a trunk to Corks Restaurant for her “What’s in the Trunk?” variety show. 

Ken Lamb, who organized the show with Seeger, says it will offer an inside look at all the performance skills she has. 

“Beyond her great vocals, her ability to interact with the audience is perfect,” Lamb said.

Throughout the night, audience members will grab a prop out of the trunk, each representing an artist and Seeger will perform as whoever is selected.

“It might be a Freddie Mercury moustache and she will do some Queen,” Lamb said.

The audience participation, along with the variety, makes for an interesting night of music, Seeger said.

For tickets, contact Lamb at ktglamb@gmail.com.

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