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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
St. Davids not ready to give up its pool

St. Davids residents want to ensure there is some discussion about the future of the village swimming pool before it's closed and replaced with a splash pad.

Kenn Moody, representing the St. Davids Ratepayers Association, said discussion amongst board members has led to some concern about the future of the pool.

During a discussion at council about an indoor pool, the St. Davids pool was briefly mentioned as being at the end of its lifespan, would require expensive repairs, and could be replaced by a splash pad.

Moody said the ratepayers association “is not unhappy” about a pool discussion, but is opposed to slowing it and offering a splash pad in its place without consultation.

“That's putting the cart before the horse,” he said. “There has been no discussion and we weren't expecting this.”

Viewed through the eyes of somebody living in St. Davids, he said, it looks like closing the St. Davids Pool to save money for the Old Town pool “is giving us second prize. There has been no debate about a splash pad is appropriate for St. Davids.”

The people who use the pool in St. Davids, especially the seniors, “find it a fitness procedure. I don't think a splash pad is a fitting replacement.”

The pool and the two tennis courts provide the only recreational facilities in St. Davids, and there is nothing at all in the winter, and no public transportation to get to what is available in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

He said he's also concerned that to some “it looks like St. Davids residents are to blame for the current condition of the St. Davids pool. Sorry, but we're not accepting any responsibility for that. That's a maintenance issue that needs to be discussed with town staff.”

St. Davids has tripled its size since 2011, and with other opportunities for growth could double that again. 

“We have needs that were probably not forecast at the time and I don't see anything town staff and council have produced to show you have any real plan for the future recreational needs of a growing community.”

He suggested a “community centre light” would be appropriate, not as elaborate as the Old Town centre, but some recreational facility with meeting rooms that would meet the needs of the future population of St. Davids.


Councillors agreed that the recreation master plan, about a year away, would be the way to consider a recreational facility for St. Davids, with public consultation.

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