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Friday, July 19, 2024
Editorial: Niagara Now is live

Niagara Now is officially launched.

We’re here to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening with news and entertainment in Niagara and bring you something different than your typical publication.

How are we different?

For starters, we aren’t owned by a big conglomerate company, so we have nobody telling us what to publish and our journalists aren’t subject to anybody's political agenda. We believe this is crucial to providing objective journalism.

Why is that important?

Now, more than ever, we need to be able to trust what we read and watch online.

At Niagara Now, we believe local news is where true journalism starts — local news owned by local people, written by local journalists and added to by real local people like yourself.

To know the true story is to know it from all sides.

In addition, we will have an open opinion section, in which our journalists and readers can submit their opinions and have their voices heard.

The opinion section will often feature “head to head” arguments from opposing sides of issues.

We’re also kicking off with some material we’re extremely proud to have exclusive to Niagara Now.

In our Featured Columns section, you will find our first two bi-weekly columns, submitted by local professionals whose voices can be trusted.

We’ve got a historical column submitted by Denise Ascenzo, director of the Niagara Historical Society and Museum, as well as a music column by Mendelt Hoekstra, whose resume is long and has proven dedicated involvement in Niagara’s music scene.

We invite you to make Niagara Now your top choice for news and entertainment in Niagara as we endeavour forward to provide the best content in the region.

As we grow, we hope to hear your feedback, see you share stories and submit your own events and opinions.

It is important to note that when reading our opinion section, the views reflected are not the views of the publication, but of the individual writer. We do not believe in censoring opinions we don't agree with. Instead, we encourage healthy debate and passionate responses. All accepted opinion submissions will be edited for grammar, not censored. Acceptance for publication will be based on well-formed opinions and is at the sole discretion of the editor. Racial slurs and extremely explicit words will not be accepted as well-formed opinion and will not be published.

With that, we thank you for stopping in. Don’t forget to bookmark the page and send us a message with any questions or stories you might have.

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