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Brock partners with Afghanistan university

In an effort to enhance international research and promote global scholarship, Brock University has signed an agreement with Kateb University in Afghanistan.

Senior officials from both institutions met on Brock’s campus this spring to discuss and formalize the partnership through a memorandum of understanding.

Established in 2007, Kateb University is a non-profit private institution located in the urban setting of Kabul, Afghanistan. The university has an annual enrolment of under 4,000 students and notable Faculties in political science, economics, medicine, education, sociology and computer science.

Striving to be an educational leader and top research producer in its region, Kateb is investing in the research capacity and knowledge of its faculty through the Brock agreement.

“It’s an honour to provide institutional colleagues with the opportunity to further their research,” said Tom Dunk, Brock’s Interim Provost and Vice-President, Academic. “Education is universal and providing the world with access to higher learning opportunities is the best path to peace and prosperity in the future.”

The agreement supports Brock’s strategic mandate of promoting internationalization, fostering excellence in research, scholarship and creativity while supporting the University’s student-centered focus.

The new MOU, a first for Brock in Afghanistan, will see the St. Catharines institution host a small number of Kateb faculty members annually to undertake research methodology training and participate in Brock's visiting Global Scholars program.

Brock will support the development of Kateb University faculty members by providing them with opportunities to complete their doctoral work.

This agreement will also promote international and intercultural understanding, educational best practices and the opportunity to collaborate on joint research activities and publications.

For members of the Brock community, the agreement opens up opportunities for international mobility and encourages student, researcher and professional development between the two institutions.

“We hope that this agreement will lead to greater research networks among faculty, as well as the potential for students to participate in research-based internships,” Dunk said.

The agreement marks the beginning of a five-year partnership between Brock and Kateb University, with plans to start implementing the agreed upon initiatives in the upcoming 2018-19 academic year.

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