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Girl raises $350 for kittens surgery selling bracelets

A young girl from Niagara-on-the-Lake has raised more than $350 for a kitten that needs eye surgery by selling pipe-cleaner bracelets.

The kitten, named Darcy, suffers from entropion, a condition that results in his eyelids getting folded under, leaving them infected and making it too painful for him to open his eyes.

Eight-year-old Claire Vanderlee first heard about Darcy from NOTL Cats, a cat rescue group.

Darcy was one of six kittens rescued from underneath an above ground pool enclosure in January.

If untreated, vets said his eye infections would continue until he lost his eyesight completely. With the surgery, Darcy is expected to live a normal life.

As Claire’s mother Megan puts it, Claire “knew she had to help.”

That's when Claire started making the bracelets and selling them for donations, Megan said.

Now she’s even got them in Pet-Valu in Virgil, and has raised more than $350.

As of Friday, with Claire’s help, NOTL Cats had raised more than $2,000 towards the surgery, which is booked for May 22 at Animal Eye Clinic in the Waterloo region.

Donations have been “remarkable,” said NOTL Cats in a Facebook post Friday. 

The surgery was quoted at $2,000 — a discount to NOTL Cats — though costs may vary when check-ups, medication and potential complications are factored in, the group said. NOTL Cats will keep the GoFundMe page open to help with those costs. Anything left over will support other cats in need.

The GoFundMe can be found at, gofundme.com/darcy039s-eye-surgery?donorname=Barbara+Boudreau

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